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Residential Development

Simplify Residential Development Projects with Complexity-Killing Workflows

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Cut through the complexity of residential development projects with a centralized workflow platform and virtual property portfolio.

Automate Complex Processes

Kill complexity with fully customizable workflows.

Bring your teams and partners together on a collaborative online platform, and design workflows to coordinate the most complicated tasks.

From enforcing Architectural Approvals, to collecting payment from builders: you'll save hundreds of man-hours and kill costly hand off failures.

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Eliminate Spreadsheets

Centralize your data, then choose who sees it.

Email chains, spreadsheets, and isolated CRMs are the worst place to store your business data.

Bring your property information and team activities onto a single trackable platform, allowing for self-serve data from anywhere in the world.

The best part? You control who gets access so your data stays central, safe, and under your control.

Visualize Your Developments

Bring your properties to life with real-time, data-rich maps.

Publish interactive, data-rich maps to connect with your potential buyers online.

When hooked up to your CRM, your map will generate valuable data about the products your clients are looking for, while sending highly-detailed leads back to your sales teams.

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Choose A Map

Streetscape maps help world class real estate teams manage work, communicate with investors, and market properties.

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See How Others Use Streetscape

Read how Subdivision Developers are using Streetscape to make their team and task management systems more efficient.

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Power Up Even More

When you virtualize your property portfolio, you unlock a world of powerful marketing, management, and investor relations tools.

Virtual Property Portfolios

Streetscape brings your property portfolio online; unlocking a world of industry-leading sales & marketing, workflow management, and investor relation tools.

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Interactive Maps

Showcase real estate product & development progress for your market, team and investor audiences.

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Automated Workflows

Bring teams together under one secure, supported, and centralized work management platform.

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Enable your communication and design teams to embed storyboards that present maps, data & tailored messages into a responsive presentation framework.

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The Largest Developers Use Streetscape

See what our happy users have to say.

Marie Lauer

Westmark Holdings

“Prior to utilizing Streetscape we managed our development processes using a number of complex spreadsheets.  

Having all development information in one database, has created efficiencies and overall has simplified the tracking of our development processes. "

Brenden Montgomery

GM - Land Development,
Shane Homes

“After viewing a number of demo’s for a lot inventory product, Streetscape was the clear front runner from a price, user friendly interface, and customer service.
As a new developer, Streetscape provided us with standard processes and protocols that allowed us to seamlessly transition existing development and start up new projects.”

Darryl Heidt

Field Project Manager,
Pasquini & Associates

"The Streetscape platform is one of the fastest, and most reliable web-based property information systems I’ve ever used”

Connect with your Entire

Streetscape plugs seamlessly into your existing software, making it easy to transfer data between sales, accounting, project management, and beyond.

Streamline Your Operations

Connect with a Streetscape Team member, and learn how you can kill operational complexity with Streetscape.

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